Pleasure Hospital

World's First Clitoral Restoration Hospital!

Happy to Be Complete Women!

Happy to Be Complete Women Again!


Our Surgeons Repair the Clitoris

Enjoying My Sexuality At Last!

Enjoying My Sexuality At Last!

Donate Now To Make A Difference!

Donate Now To
Make A Difference!


The announcement of the opening of the Pleasure Hospital in Burkina Faso was very revitalizing for our Swiss Clitoraid team members.
10 Apr 2014
Clitoraid surgeries thwarted by Burkina Faso’s revocation of doctors’ licenses
13 Mar 2014, Citing discrimination against its Raelian Movement origin, Clitoraid initiates legal action
Clitoraid organizes demonstrations in front of Burkina Faso Embassies around the world on March 7, 2014
08 Mar 2014
Letter of protest delivered to Burkina Faso Embassies around the world
08 Mar 2014
Patients awaiting surgery to hold protest demanding official opening of world’s first hospital for clitoral restoration
06 Mar 2014


Give someone you've never met a gift they will never forget!


About Us
About Us
Clitoraid is a non profit association that aims to build a "Pleasure hospital" in Burkina Faso, West Africa, which will offer free medical services for the physical restoration and rehabilitation of Female Genital Mutilation victims.

Patient Stories

Almost every day Clitoraid receives an email from someone with another heart-breaking story about the devastating effect that excision has had on their lives.